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Turf Ventures Launches “Playability Initiative”



Turf Ventures Launches “Playability Initiative”

ADDISON, Ill. (March 7, 2012) – Turf Ventures, an Illinois-based turf product distributor, announces the launch of its “Playability Initiative,” a new corporate philosophy based on improving the enjoyment that players receive through participating in the game of golf.

Brian Baker, president of Turf Ventures, defines playability as, “the ease by which the game can be played.” Baker says the factors that impact playability include, “optimum greens speed and moisture levels, the height and moisture level of fairways, and the quality of the turf surfaces that allow consistent lie in the rough or a smooth roll on the greens.”

Through the Playability Initiative, Baker hopes that superintendents who use the program will gain a leg up on their competition. “As we enter 2012, I believe we have turned the corner where price alone will no longer be enough to attract golfers and members to our facilities,” says Baker, “The golfing public has ‘been there and done that.’ The new differentiator will be ‘Playability.’ This represents a unique opportunity for superintendents to use their skills, knowledge and experience to impact the enjoyment of each and every golfer.”

Turf Ventures has repositioned itself as the “Playability Experts,” and plans to provide research, training and products that ensure superintendents have the resources that they need to maximize the playing conditions at their course.

In addition to the products that Turf Ventures currently offers through its vendors, the company also plans to launch its own line of products that are designed to “fill holes” in current product lines. The first Turf Ventures branded product is planned to launch later this year.

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Turf Ventures is an Addison, Illinois-based distribution business that focuses on supplying fertilizers, fungicides and other chemicals to the professional turf industry. Turf Ventures services customers from its six joint-venture locations: Chicagoland Turf and Midwest Turf Products (Addison, IL), B&C Turf (Goshen, IN), Keystone Turf Products (Export, PA), the Hill Company (Erlanger, KY), and Professional Growth Products (Hilliard, OH). For more information, visit