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Introducing a revolutionary turf product: tv23 with SIN



Introducing a revolutionary turf product: tv23 with SIN


ADDISON, Ill. (April 11, 2012) — Turf Ventures, an Illinois-based turf product distributor, announces the launch of its first product offering from its “Playability Initiative.”

The all-new tv23 with SIN is a revolutionary product that delivers both hydration and nutrients to turf. SIN, Surfactant Infused Nitrogen, contains a powerful surfactant designed to push water through the root zone without holding moisture in any one region. Whether times of drought or heavy rain, SIN will move water, oxygen and nutrients to the roots, where the plants need it the most.

The nitrogen in SIN comes from a stabilized urea source that allows Turf Ventures to put the product into an easy-to-use liquid solution so that users do not have to worry about mixing the product themselves. With 23% stabilized nitrogen, at six ounces per thousand square feet, tv23 delivers .10 pound of nitrogen to the turf.

Brian Baker, president of Turf Ventures, says, “tv23 can be used any time of year, either as a rescue product for localized dry spots and stressed turf or as a part of an overall agronomic plan, allowing superintendents to spoon feed nitrogen and control moisture like never before.” He continues, “This product is designed with a direct emphasis on enhancing playability.”

For more information on tv23 with SIN, visit and contact your nearest Turf Ventures distributor.

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Turf Ventures is an Addison, Illinois-based distribution business that focuses on supplying fertilizers, fungicides and other chemicals to the professional turf industry. Turf Ventures services customers from its six joint-venture locations: Chicagoland Turf and Midwest Turf Products (Addison, IL), B&C Turf (Goshen, IN), Keystone Turf Products (Export, PA), The Hill Company (Erlanger, KY), and Professional Growth Products (Hilliard, OH). For more information, visit