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Turf Ventures Introduces tvSTS (Spray Tank Synergy)

Golf courses can improve the quality of their tank mixtures while achieving a more uniform application with the introduction of tvSTS technology by Turf Ventures, an Illinois-based turf product distributor.

tvSTS (Spray Tank Synergy) is a unique combination of three industry-proven ingredients:

  • · A compatibility agent, which keeps products in solution to prevent mixing problems
  • · A pH buffer, which lowers spray water pH to optimize the effectiveness of pesticides and fertilizers
  • · A de-foamer, which reduces foam in the tank to make tank mixing more efficient and to minimize the loss of active ingredients

“tvSTS was developed first and foremost as an insurance agent for our clients’ spray program," explains Brian Baker, president of Turf Ventures. “Through the formulation and development process, we were able to combine several ingredients, making the product the most efficient and effective spray tank additive on the market today.”

At higher application rates, tvSTS also increases spread and coverage of spray solutions on leaf surfaces. Improving the quality of coverage and the effectiveness of ingredients can offer both time- and money-saving benefits.

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